Waterex Review – Should it is used by you?

Waterex Overview

GNC makes a relative line of weight loss supplements called GNC Total Lean.

It’s a pretty line that is comprehensive, which you can tell partly because of the inclusion of a product called Waterex.

The purpose of Waterex is to balance the level that is fluid your body so you’re neither bloated nor dehydrated.

Keeping fluid that is balanced also allows you to maintain a steadier weight throughout the day, since it’s not fluctuating all day with how much water you’re retaining.

We took a look at Waterex, the promises, the ingredients, and the customer feedback, and let you know we’ll what we came up with as far as a recommendation for against using it.

What Is Waterex?

Waterex is part of the Total Lean weight loss line, as a weight loss supplement so you can view it.

But it’s not a weight loss supplement in the most sense that is conventional. It doesn’t burn fat. It doesn’t improve energy. It doesn’t suppress your appetite.

What it does do is maintain just the fluid that is right in your body to where you have all you need, but you’re not holding onto the extra that can make you feel bloated and heavier than you want to be.

16b - Waterex Review

How Waterex Works

We all know that extreme sweating or a bout with vomiting can lower your electrolyte levels below where is necessary to keep your body functioning smoothly and properly.

Electrolytes carry either a positive or a charge that is negative and transport electrical impulses and transmit nerve signals, contracting muscles.

They also maintain the correct balance that is fluid well as the proper acidic-basic balance required for the body to function properly.

That’s why there are times when replenishment that is elecrolyte necessary.

Ordinarily, the foods we eat contain enough electrolytes to keep the balance, but when there’s sweating that is extreme to extreme heat, prolonged exercise, or illness, lost electrolytes may need to be replaced. That’s where Waterex comes in.

By replenishing the right minerals and nutrients, it helps you maintain the proper balance that is fluid your body, even while you’re dieting and exercising.

Waterex is not a diet that is conventional or a conventional diuretic.

It’s more about balancing fluids yourself of them than it is about ridding.

Waterex Ingredients

The core of the Waterex formula is found in the two electrolytes, Potassium and Magnesium.

These minerals help you retain the proper balance that is fluid finding yourself with too much or too little.

Some of which are thought to be diuretic beyond that, the formula is a big shot of Vitamin B6 for energy and mainly herbs

• Corn Silk which may remove fluid that is excess body tissue.

• Parsley Herb Powder which has been known to be a diuretic that is fast acting.

• Fennel Seed

• Hydrangea Root Powder

• Juniper Berries Extract

• Garlic Clove

• Elderberry Fruit

• Horsetail Rush Stems which is used to prevent edema.

• Uva Uris Extract

The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day.

Waterex Reviews

Waterex comes from GNC, which means they should have a following that is large.

I heard from one guy I know that GNC pushed it as an add on when buying that is you’re loss or cutting products.

The reason is probably they figure they can get you to say “why not? ” and pick some up because it’s so cheap.

But for a heavily pushed GNC product, there are relatively customer that is few out there on the internet.

It seems most of them come from customers who used it because of their problems that are specific water retention.

Here’s a sampling:

“Quality item, works well for me… lost 7 pounds so far but need another 20… I have always had water retention, not everyone does.”Q

“Really helps!

I have been taking rhis for 5 weeks and have seen results that are great.

No more bloating, not even during htat time.”Q that is monthly

“Waterex by GNC is wonderful for those who want to take a water that is safe every day.

It helps regulate water retention that is excess.

The pill is a capsule and is very easy to take.”Q

Waterex Side Effects

We have found no indication that Waterex causes any side that is particular, though it’s important to remember that some degree of mild side effects are always possible.

It is advised while you’re taking Waterex that you drink plenty of water.

Waterex Pros and Cons

Advantages of Waterex

• It’s inexpensive.

• The ingredients are all natural.

• The few Waterex reviews we found landed mainly on the side that is favorable.

• GNC offers a money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Waterex

• It’s marketed as a weight loss product, but water that is losing is not and effective way to lose weight permanently.

Water weight is known to be the weight that is first comes off and the first weight that comes back on.

I suppose if you continued Waterex that is taking forever the water weight wouldn’t come back, but that’s not really feasible.

• The formula is entirely limited to water that is balancing when those benefits could easily just be added to another pill with more functionality.

Where to Buy

Waterex is a GNC product so it’s available to pick up at their stores.

The bottle that is 60-count good for 30 days, and carries a price of $14.99.GNC members can get it for $11.99.Online, it’s available through Amazon.com for $9.35. At GNC, you’ll be covered by a 30-day money back guarantee if you buy it.

16c - Waterex Review


You certainly may get some term that is short from taking Waterex.

But I wouldn’t recommend using it term that is long any kind of weight loss solution.

Water weight is not the weight you want to focus on when you’re trying to lose.

Yes, you need to look ripped, Waterex can help if you’re in a competition and.

But the idea of it being helpful for real and weight that is sustained just doesn’t hold water.