Report on Shock Treatment by Universal Diet

The Shock that is original Therapy the head to preworkout. Universal diet, the company that is same when it comes to Animal type of supplements, recently revamped Shock treatment.About shock-therapy

Universal diet defines Shock treatment as an “all-in-one pre-workout powerhouse”. A 1.85 pounds can contains 42, one information portions. Each helping is all about 20g and it has a profile that is great. Each helping is just 20 calories but includes ingredients that are many is glucose free. You can find four components that are main form the majority of Shock treatment: Shock treatment Proprietary Formula, a muscle power combination, an enetropic and anti-oxidant complex, and an electrolyte and distribution complex. The formula that is proprietary 5g utilizing the primary things becoming creatine, arginine, and citrulline. The muscle tissue energy blend is 5.5g and includes BCAAs, L-taurine, beta-alanine, and carnitine. The enertropic and complex that is antioxidant 1.2g of caffeine, yerba mate, green tea herb, and various other smaller things. The delivery and electrolyte complex is 5.3g and composed mainly of carbs and phosphates. Rounding out of the profile that is ingredient a few B nutrients plus some nutrients.


Shock Therapy to my experience is bitter-sweet, virtually. The taste associated with the Shock that is original Therapy simply terrible. It mixed poorly and tasted so very bad. But, it provided you some unreal pumps as well as the profile that is ingredient maybe not be much better. The recently revamped Shock treatment keeps the ingredient that is excellent and does enhance from the flavor even though it continues to have an approach to get. Coming in at around $0.70 a serving, with a ingredient that is great, and a dreadful style, Shock treatment therapy is a fantastic option when you can belly it.