MAN Sports ISO-AMINO Reviews - Taste the rainbow of gains, recovery and endurance

Iso Amino, taste the rainbow of gains, endurance and recovery minus the leprechaun.


ISO-AMINO is a BCAA made by MAN Sports. BCAA stands for branched sequence amino acids. These are the blocks of necessary protein and will boost necessary protein synthesis, muscle mass endurance and recovery during exercises while having already been proven to decrease surplus fat.


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Hello other iron bro and sis, losing a fast writeup on the things I believe may be the tasting that is best amino in the marketplace !!!

—-Ingredient Profile—- 8/10

That is just BCAA at 2:1:1 ratio without any blends that are proprietary causeing this to be great anytime.

L Leucine 2.5g – is the most essential associated with the 3, is located to directly switch on muscle mass necessary protein synthesis, activates mTOR. Increased sugar materials to stop the body’s cannibalization of muscle mass for power during intense exercise sessions.

L Isoleucine 1.25g – Boost help and endurance heal and fix muscle tissues and encourage clotting in the web site of damage.

L Valine 1.25g – counter muscle exhaustion by preventing the uptake of tryptophan that is transformed within the mind to seratonin that during intense exercises may boost letargy.

—-Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- 10/10

Taste- ( Skiddles ) Outstanding, i’ve attempted therefore BCAA that is many but such as this, is a lot like sampling a skittles liquid!!! We blend this in 20oz of water to my intra whilst still being sampling amaizing. Often I blend Iso Amino with Aminolift watermelon pre work out and I also can hardly taste the watermelon.

Mixability- Is instantized so theres no nagging problem with left in the bottom, clumpy or foamy, plus the liquid is nearly obvious.

Dosing- 1 information intra, however it taste therefore damm great that we moved with 2 and on occasion even 3 scoops a day.

—-Effectiveness—- 8.5/10

This assist me to recover quicker between exercises, less muscle mass pain the after workout and more endurance day. Before Iso Amino I became Alpha that is taking Amino A GNC brand amino. Come to an end of those and I also begin with Iso Amino, did not observe any decline in the overall performance therefore in my situation it really works.

—-Value—- 9/10

I obtained mine with intro cost at NP $17.99 ( .59 per portion) now’s $18.95 ( .63) to get 30 portions at a lower price than $20.00

—-Side Effects—-

no unwanted effects


They keep things quick with with this particular BCAA nonetheless they add a plus that is big the taste. This really is ideal for intra or pre or through meals. When you need some thing perspiration without having the responsible ( Popsicle!!!) or even to include taste to your tasting pre workout that is boring. This can be a 24/7 BCAA !!!

 MAN Sports ISO-AMINO Advantages


Strength Stamina

Insane Style


Increased Power